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Ozone Generator 3500mg/h



Ozone Generator 3500mg/h

Model No.: IO-S 3500

IO-S 3500 is one of IRIS corona discharge Ozonator series. IRIS Ozone Generators is very compact but very powerful, low noise, low temperature growth, stable quantity of ozone generating and high efficiency of ozone generating, made especially for household appliance.

Key Specifications

Model No.

IO-S 3500

Ozone Output:

3500 mg/h

Ozone Discharge Style

Ozone Ceramic Slice

Rating Voltage:



35 W

Work Frequency:

5-20 KHz

Cooling Style:

Air Cooling

Feed Gas :

Dry air or oxygen

Ozone Slice Size:

90x50X1 mm

Generator Size:

135x50x55 mm













Integrated design: Two in one unit with ozone Ceramic and ozone power

Stable quantity of ozone generating and high efficiency of ozone generating

Safe, Quiet, and Energy efficient

Low power consumption


Remove odors and Freshens stale air

Destroys airborne microbes, kill germs, fungi


● Fitting parts of Domestic Ozone Appliance
●Machines that utilize ozone technologies such as, Dryer, Electronic shoe Cabinet, Refrigerator, Air Purifier, etc.
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