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Refrigerator Air Purifier



Refrigerator Air Purifier

Model No. IA-106B

A refrigerator is one of the most popular household appliance, it can solve the problem regarding long time storage of foods. But bacteria grow during storage causing food decays, deteriorates nutrition. Our refrigerator air purifier kills bacteria, clears away the smell and keeps the foods fresh through strong oxidization of ozone and Anions.

Main Features

·         Keeping the food fresh and extending their shelf life

·         Eliminates cross-contamination of food odors in your refrigerator

·          Sterilizes your refrigerator once every half an hour

·         Built-in micro CPU intelligently controls the operation cycle & mode

·         Compact size and portable, Chemical free output

·         Very elegant and space-saving design.

·         Generate massive anions, Keep air clean

·         Low voltage indicator reminds you to replace batteries

·         Perfect to purify the stuffy area in your home: Refrigerator, Garderobe, Shoe cabinet,etc.

Key Specifications

·Input Voltage: DC 6V (4x1.5V AA batteries)

·Rated power: < 0.6W

.Ozone Output: 5mg/h
.Negative ions Output:
≥2 x 105/cm3

·Dimensions: 149x 45 x 90mm

·Weight: 190g

·Applicable Area: 250L

Package Information           

Individual packing size: 101x55x161mm                               
QTY per Carton: 60 pcs/ctn                                                            
Carton Size: 520x 345x360 mm


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