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Multi-Functional Ozone Sterilizer



Multi-Functional Ozone Sterilizer

Model No. IF- Fish

Ozone water purifier/ Sterilizer generates ozone by using corona discharge technology, it can be apply to eliminate bacteria, germs, disinfect and deodorize. The operation period is adjustable base on user requirement. The advantages are compact size, easy operation and high efficiency.

Unique Features

1. Simple Operation: There are 6 time durations for each rotation on the timer button, you can set the working time according to your needs freely;

2. Pure Ozone: Use high-quality enamel casting tube, ozone is pure, stable, longer-lived;

3. High Efficient: With 400mg/h ozone output, it can thoroughly kill microbes, inhibit fungi, resist viruses, remove toxin and odours.

4. Easy Maintenance: Use epoxy resin, vacuum packaging high-voltage module, resistant to moisture, earthquake, maintenance-free;

5. Very Stable: Use Ozone-specific air pump, longer-lived and good stability;

7. Safe: 3C certification standard power cord;

8. Multi- Function, can be used to purify both Air and Water.

9. Humanization design: can be standing or hanging, is more practical;


1. Better result for washing fish, meat and food with longer fresh-keeping time

2. Cleans vegetable and fruit, eliminates residue pesticide, toxic and chemical substances

3. Cleans stocked rice, removes rice bran, cancer-inducing substances and aspergillus

4. Cleans table wares and cooking utensils, disinfects and sterilizes, preventing cross contamination

5. Make oxygen-rich beautification and skin care, rinses mouth for cleaning teeth and removes stain, washes face to remove acnes from face

6. Sterilization, deodorization and increase of oxygen in room so as to prevent diseases from spreading.

7. It extremely purifies the air, removes toxic substances including bacteria, lampblack and odors.

8. Longer lifespan and more electrical efficient

9. Detoxification/desterilize time is lesser

Key Specifications

.Voltage: AC220V±10%

. Frequency: 50Hz             

. Power15w

. Ozone output400mg/h    

. Working time30mintime

. Size27×16.7×8cm

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