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Filtering Ionic Air Purifier



Filtering Ionic Air Purifier


Model No. IA-202

IA-202 integrates 3 stage filtering system and inbuilt ionizer, is effective at capturing airborne dust, mold, odors, pollen, helps reduce pet fur, hair, dander and more. The built-in ionizer helps deliver a boost of air freshening, with the 3-stage system will quietly circulate and filter the indoor air of your house.

Unique Features

. Multi-stages Filters: Pre-filter, Electrostatic Precipitator, HEPA-type Filter.

. Pre-Filter: The washable filter traps larger particles, pollutants in the air.

. Electrostatic Precipitator : Traps the dust, pollen, smoke etc, as small as 1 micron circulated in the air, easy to clean.

. HEPA-type Filter: Filtrates particulate less than 0.01mm like pollen, germ, with a purification result of more than 99.97%.

. High Ion concentration can reach up to 4x 106 /cm3, massive anions absorb the airborne dust, keep indoor air fresh and healthy.

. With an adapter, it can convert the high voltage to DC12 Voltage, safe and reliable.
High Air circulation: 20m3/ h with low power consumption only 6W.

Key Specifications

·Input Voltage: DC12V input with an adapter

·Rated power: 6W
.Negative ions Output:
≥4 x 106/cm3

·Dimensions: 188*130*65mm

·Weight: 380g

Package Information

Individual packing size: 212x165x107mm
Carton Size: 545x435x350mm

GW of Carton: 8g

QTY per Carton: 20pcs

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