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Mini USB Air Purifier




Mini USB Air Purifier

Model No. IU-202

This cute mini USB air purifier can be used in computer, Laptop, or other USB products. It is designed to be very convenient and easy to use. IU-202 adopts the advanced ions breeze technology, it can produce 1 million ions/ cm3. There are the features:

Product Features:

1. Decrease the radiation, protect eyesight.
Around your computer is filling us up with static electricity and radiation. Rich density of Anions in and around can neutralize static electricity and reduce radiation.

2. Reduce smoke and dust, clean the air. Massive anions can catch up the positive particles and activated oxygen neutralize offensive smoke, odors.

3. Beneficial for your health. Thanks for the rich negative ions, it can promote the function of your heart and lung, release nerve, accelerate metabolism, and refresh from fatigue.   

Key Specification

Color: Pink / Blue / White
Voltage: DC6V
Power: ≤ 1W
Negative ions: 1 × 106 pc / cm3
Weight: 13g
Product Dimensions: 74 × 20 × 12mm
Packing size: L150 × W120 × H45mm


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