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Negative Ions Brief

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There are positive and charges in the air. Integration of positive charge and ion forms cation and that of negative charge and ion forms anion. Discharge of a high-voltage-exerted pin electrode is also able to produce voluminous anions. Negative ion is able to agglomerate the suspended particles, smoke and dust in the room into bigger granules that sink more quickly. At the same time, the negative charged suspended particles are absorbed by charged cellular net and distinctively designed duet-collecting piate, the atmospheric ambience becomes clear and bracing accordingly.

Functions and applications of anions

1.     Be able to vitalize our cells, increase the oxygen holding capacity of blood and improve metabolism. Teamed with anions, cells are full of vim and vigor.

2.     Be able to remove fatigue, boost our resistance to diseases and ameliorart autonomic nervous system. Anions have a substantial curative effect upon headache, insomnia, constipation, melancholy, pollinosis and allergic rhinitis etc.

3.     Anions with ozone are able to immediately remove the stink of mould, the offensive offensive odor of smoking, retard and kill colon bacilli, dysenteric bacteria and tubercle bacillus etc. What's more, anions have also a special curative function in treatment of chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Negative Ionizer Working Principle

High energy Ions irradiated by Ionization generating device react with volatile organic gas molecules VOC in the air, make VOC broken down into carbon dioxide and water, it also works on HzS and NHa.

As negative ions drift, pollutants such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and even vapourised substances like aerosol propellants and car fumes are attracted to and cluster around the ions. This has the effect of making the ion grow in size. There comes a point where it is too heavy to be carried in the air, so it falls to the ground, then naturally the air in the room is fresher.

Besides, the negative ion ionizers also effectively reduce the count of airborne particles in a room, including pet dander, dust mites, etc. In addition, negative ions also destroy odors, including smoke particles till all bacteria gone, make the indoor air as fresh as the the forest after rain.

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