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Home Need Clean Air

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     Indoor Air Quality Concerns

      Air is one of the basic factors for all living creatures in the world. Statistically, an adult breaths over 20,000 times during one day which is 13 to 15 kilogram of air. This is 10 times the weight of food, or three times of water an adult need during one day. The quality of the breathing air has a close and direct relation with people's living standard and health. In modern life, over 90% of your time is spent indoors (at home, in offices or public buildings etc.), and the quality of indoor air is 5 to 10 times over polluted than the outdoor air. Bacteria, dusts, acarid, nicotine, harmful gases released slowly from construction and decoration materials such as formaldehyde, ammonia. All these floating components in the air harm the health of human being. Symptoms like premature senility, insomnia, and amnesia are frequently found; the worse cases will even lead to asthma, heart and lung prostration, or other vital disease.

Indoor air pollution has been listed by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten factors that harm human lives.

There are many benefits to use air cleaners. Nowadays air cleaners are quite affordable and every home should have one particularly if you live in large cities where the pollution levels are quite bad.

If you or your family members are suffering from allergies, an air cleaner is a necessity in your home. The reason being an air cleaner can help to remove allergens in the air by filtering and recycling the air thereby reducing the possibility of allergy attacks.

If you are suffering from asthma or sinus problems, an air cleaner will really help you. An air cleaner will dramatically reduce the amount of dust and debris in the air. Other particles that irritate the lung are also removed thereby reducing the rate of asthma attacks. A doctor recommended for asthmatic patients to reduce the chance of asthma attacks. Really, if you considered the small price you pay for an air cleaner versus your health, I think it is a worthwhile investment.

An air cleaner can also reduce the number of air-borne germs. It can used particularly useful for those with a weak immune system who are prone to illness and other diseases. For babies and young toddlers, it is equally useful since their immune system is not developed fully yet.

There are various types of air cleaners available on the market these days. Some air cleaners require you to replace the air filter periodically. The newer models of air cleaners use what’s known as an ionic system. An ionic system does not need to replace the air filter. In my opinion, an ionic air cleaner is a better choice since you can save a bit of money in buying replacement air filters.

Air cleaners are well worth your investment if you consider your health or your family health is more important than anything. An air cleaner can cut down the chances of a allergy attack or an asthma attack. If you are living in an urban city, chances are the air is a lot more polluted than you think.

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